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Christmas All Over Robert Bernardini

Christmas All Over

Robert Bernardini

Published September 30th 1996
ISBN : 9781565542051
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Santa and his multicultural elves set off on a Christmas Day . . . to Cleveland . . . to Louisiana . . . to New Mexico . . . and the final stop is in San Francisco to observe Christmas celebrants . . . the idea is great--no one way to celebrate Christmas is better than another . . . --Childrens Literature Can you imagine a food fight at the North Pole? Well, that is exactly what takes place in Christmas All Over . After a very long nights work, Santa is ready to enjoy his Christmas Day dinner, but four of his elves--Tyrone, Antoinette, Soo Lee, and Jose--begin to argue about whose hometown celebrates Christmas the best. Before Santa can put a stop to the commotion, a food fight breaks out! Santa eventually gets the situation under control and suggests that they all visit each others hometowns to see how Christmas is celebrated across the United States. With the reindeer exhausted from their long journey around the world, they decide to fly in the North Pole Balloon. Soon they are on their way to Cleveland, Ohio- Gramercy, Louisiana- San Francisco, California- and New Mexico. What they discover is that every way of celebrating Christmas is very special and important, no matter how different it may be.