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The Ozark Conspiracy Janet Phoenix

The Ozark Conspiracy

Janet Phoenix

Published May 15th 2012
ISBN : 9781477205761
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 About the Book 

The Ozark Conspiracy was written in the time zone of the war of Afghanistan and the war of Libya. The War Departments General Olin Conway decided to create a new, stronger, deadlier soldier to take the place of the human soldiers. Lab Scientists set up secret Laboratories in the top of mountains in open caverns. Their main purpose was to give out fake flu shots child and adult they could find and they disguised themselves as doctors and medical helpers such as RNs and LPNS. As a result, some died and then came back from the dead as vampires and other victims became were-humans. The good people of Center Ridge discovered the ill-fated labs one by one. White Clouds, an Indian Seer, with the help of his tribe and a family of were-humans found the injured, experimented on victims and set them free.